Rockland Rising in the First Frontier Blair County

by | Aug 23, 2022 | News

With all the crazy issues facing the local and national economy, it’s nice to see and celebrate some good fundamental industrial manufacturing expansion news.

This week, the first railcar delivery was made to Rockland Manufacturing. The Rockland group purchased the former Harbison Walker, Inc. industrial site located in Southern Blair County earlier this year. Among the family of Rockland businesses to set up shop at the site, officials anticipate bringing a significant volume of heavy steel plate by rail which they are reconfiguring for their core product manufacturing.

The Everett Railroad has undertaken $332,000 in track improvements in Greenfield Township to support this new rail business. Seventy percent of the cost of this work has been funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation through a Rail Freight Assistance Program grant. New jobs, new industrial production, supported by expanded rail service right here in the First Frontier Blair County. We know how to do this here and are all looking forward to the entire site coming back to life in the months ahead.

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