From Plan To Action – Recruiting Talent to the First Frontier

by | Jan 18, 2018 | News

Talent is our most valuable natural resource. Without a growing pool of talented people to fuel business and innovation, it can be really tough for any economy to grow. For the past year ABCD Corporation has been working hard to put in place a series of communications channels, networks and strategies designed to assist our existing businesses in attracting the right talent-force. 2018 is the year we put the strategy into action and we also decided to partner with recruiting agencies who can bring you the be best prospect employees, check out the job placement company Utah and learn more how it works there.

This week the ABCD team unveiled a series of specific steps to be taken. The first part of this role out is forming a partnership with the Human Resources Management Association of Blair County (HRMABC) an affiliated chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). With nearly 100 members, the group is focused on talent acquisition and retention for our First Frontier – Blair County businesses.

“Human Resource Managers have become some of the most critical partners in economic development efforts,” said Stephen McKnight, President and CEO of ABCD Corp. “The need to retain and attract talent for our companies and communities is a number one priority for our organization and we are excited to have this opportunity to work together with the HRMABC and all of its members.”

This is a common issue for many smaller communities and cities. The good news is that as technologies evolve, the world is much more level, allowing skilled workers increased flexibility to choose where they want to live first; communities that match their lifestyle. Then they search for employment with an existing business, start up on their own or work remotely. This is the context that fueled our branding and marketing efforts of The First Frontier – Blair County, PA.

At a presentation this week to the HR Group, ABCD announced the First Frontier Ambassador outreach program.  This effort is designed to help tell the story of our community and why future generations should be a part of it. Like the outdoors, yep we have that. Love the arts, check. Feel like a coffee shop on main street, check and check. You get the idea. Our goal is to have all of our existing businesses become First Frontier Ambassadors. How can you do it? Visit

We will continue to update our website, Facebook page, videos and original content to be an ever evolving and growing resource for our local companies to attract and retain talent. What we ask of you is:

  • Include a link to our website and Facebook page on your homepage and/or recruitment page
  • Share your employee’s stories with us to feature in our Voices videos and blog entries
  • Share our original blogs and videos throughout your social media platforms and website
  • Share with us key job openings for us to promote through our platforms and network

We are all in this together to make sure Blair County, The First Frontier, is among the best mountain towns in the Country.

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