Penn State Altoona's Gown Meets Town Event

by | Dec 18, 2012 | News, Uncategorized

Penn State Altoona’s Division of Business and Engineering, the Altoona Blair County Development Corporation, and the Blair County Chamber of Commerce recently held the winter Gown Meets Town student showcase on Friday, December 14, 2012, at the Devorris Downtown Center in downtown Altoona.

“The Gown Meets Town event is an incredibly effective way for businesses in our region to tap into the pool of impressive talent that Penn State Altoona produces routinely. The event is a showcase that allows us to get first-crack at the young people who all too often leave our area because they sense that there is no discernable market for their skills – a misperception for sure!” said Joe Hurd, President/CEO of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce.

During this day-long event, the Blair County business community, parents, and friends will had an opportunity to see how knowledge from the classroom has helped students enhance many Blair County organizations’ operations, products, and services. Students made presentations in the areas of business, electro-mechanical engineering technology, and security and risk analysis.

“Penn State Altoona’s Gown Meets Town event is an exceptional experience and opportunity for business and community leaders to realize first-hand the entrepreneurial spirit of Penn State Altoona’s outstanding students,” said Marty Marasco, President & CEO of ABCD Corp. “There is no other local event that showcases the best of our education, business, and community organizations working toward building a better tomorrow for Blair County.”

The event was an overwhelming success growing in business, student and faculty participation from last year. Additional information on the event can be found online at

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