In Loving Memory of Pat Miller

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This week, families will be gathering to reflect and give thanks. Our ABCD Family, along with so many friends and community leaders throughout the First Frontier Blair County will be giving a special thanks and remembrance for our long-time friend, colleague, and just all-around good guy, Patrick Miller. Pat served as ABCD Corporation’s Executive Vice President among so many other duties and titles. He left us way too soon, and with way too much more to do. We anticipate special memorials will be established in the coming weeks and months ahead. Below are the remarks we shared at his memorial service, which we hope captured what everyone feels and is going through…


A Eulogy Offered by Stephen McKnight and ABCD Corporation Team on Tuesday, November 16, 2021

There is nothing I can say about Pat Miller that everyone in this room doesn’t already know. That’s why we are here feeling the way we do, expressing our love and sympathy to Pat’s family and our gratitude towards Pat.

Pat Miller was special. That may be an expected thing to say at times like this, but it is true. The space he leaves behind will never be filled completely.

So many have expressed their condolences to the ABCD team, about losing our right-hand man. Trust us, when it comes to Pat, we lost our right hand, along with an arm and two legs.

I know that some people might have chosen community development as an occupation. For Pat, he was community development. He lived it, breathed it, and walked it, every day.

Garbage on the street – Pat picked it up.  Plants needed watering – Pat turned on the hose. Cars needed parked – Pat would find the space.

For him, his job was not a profession, it was a passion. It was his energy. He did it without knowing he was doing it. Genuine. Kind. Smiling. Enthusiastic. There was no downside to Pat.

At times, it may have been difficult to tell the difference between Pat’s work and play. Maybe that was on purpose. The last thing he saw was a golf course, surrounded by close friends and colleagues – in the middle of Blair County. He loved where he was. He loved what he was doing. He loved those he was doing it with. We should all be so fortunate.

Even with his immense passion for his job, and the effort he put into that, it was his family he loved the most. Echoing down our halls at any point in the day were the sounds of the Penn State Blue Band.

Ever since Trent joined the Blue Band, from Pat’s perspective the football team played only so there could be a half time show. I doubt Pat saw a third quarter in recent years. It was all about Trent. His love and dedication to his son is something I learned from – something we all can learn from. There was none stronger.

Sue was his foundation, his best friend and advocate. We all knew that because he made it clear. Sue served another important role; driving over the Bay Bridge. If it weren’t for Sue, I don’t think Pat would have ever had a beach vacation.

For as much as Pat dedicated his life to his community, his commitment and love for Sue and Trent far surpassed it. At this time, we come together to thank his family for sharing him with us, to balance our grief for the loss of Pat, while celebrating all that he has done, how he has lived, loved, and impacted our lives.

There can only be one reason for Pat passing when he did. Heaven must have some major community development efforts underway. They called on the best.

While there is still much more to do here, I have a feeling we will have some heavenly oversight as we push forward. We will need it. I will welcome it.

Thank you, Pat Miller; for all that you did and the way that you did it. We have learned from it. Our community is better because of it.

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