Human Resource App Firm Ramps-up Development in Altoona HQ

by | Jul 15, 2020 | News

Central PA native Lisa Leath wants to change how businesses of all types and sizes communicate with and retain top talent. “While so much is changing in our workplace environment, the need to communicate regularly with employees, whether they be contracted, part-time or full-time, remains critical,” said Leath, founder of Altoona, PA based application software firm WorkTok. “As hybrid workplace models increasingly combine remote structures with traditional office, HR professionals can no longer rely on in person meetings for regular check-ins, feedback and course corrections. That is where the WorkTok application comes in,” Leath added.

WorkTok is being developed and marketed primarily for the handheld device, making it easy for employers to establish regular, quick feedback loops directly with employees. Leath recognized the changing dynamic within the HR profession, one that needed technology to augment face-to-face discussions. She advanced the idea with Blair-County based software development firm PS Solutions. “Together with PS Solutions, we have quickly ramped up our ability to develop and test the application,” Leath said. “We are now at the point we can reach out to local businesses and beyond to further prove the concept, refine and customize the App based on the real-world employer needs.”

While WorkTok could have chosen many larger urban locations, establishing operations in Blair County provided a solid balance among cost, market reach and pace of life. “While we had this partnership and location in place prior to the global pandemic and understood the benefits, the COVID crisis has brought those advantages into an even greater focus,” said Wayne Hippo, Co-Founder of PS Solutions. “Lisa has been able to utilize our expanding coding team and software developers, helping to bring this new app to market. It is a smart model for IT start-ups going forward,” Hippo added.

The Altoona Blair County Development (ABCD) Corporation is assisting WorkTok to grow its team, access state innovation tax credits and expand its market. “WorkTok is a great example of how high-value small IT firms are gaining a foothold here in the First Frontier Blair County,” said Stephen McKnight, CEO of the ABCD Corporation. “This has been happening in mountain towns like ours across the country. We expect that trend will accelerate given the current global conditions we face,” McKnight noted.

WorkTok was recognized with the 2020 Coastal Entrepreneur Award in Wilmington, NC where several initial beta tests were established. They are now ready to reach various sized markets and businesses throughout the country as part of a global marketing and sales strategy. The firm is currently seeking out healthcare, hospitality, tech and logistics companies, among others, to subscribe now to take advantage of an early-adopter discount. For more information and to learn how to subscribe to WorkTok visit their website at or LinkedIn or follow them on Facebook at

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