Gardners Candies Announces Expansion

by | Apr 9, 2013 | News, Uncategorized

Gardners Candies has announced that it will expand its current manufacturing facility located in the Tyrone Industrial Park, Blair County, PA.

The current manufacturing facility is 50,000 sq/ft and the expansion plans to add an additional 12,000 sq/ft. The expansion will provide additional space needed for the facility to operate more efficiently while increasing production. In addition to the construction, upon completion the expansion is projected to create a number of new job opportunities as well.

“The expansion is part of Gardners continued growth and success in a very competitive chocolate market. With costs continuing to rise, this addition will help control production costs and keep the quality of Gardners Candies at the highest standard,” stated Bill Sarris, CEO.

Gardners President Sam Phillips also stated, “This is an exciting announcement for both Gardners Candies and the residents of Tyrone. The continuing commitment of the Sarris family has enabled us to take this dramatic step forward to ensure Gardners Candies future as a major confectioner in Pennsylvania.”

Gardners Candies was founded in 1897 by 16-year-old James “Pike” Gardner in Tyrone. Since then, Gardners Candies has grown over the years by expanding its product line to satisfy customer demands.

Gardners’ stellar reputation is built upon quality products at affordable prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Gardners Candies has 13 retail stores – 11 in Pennsylvania and two in Maryland.

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