First National Bank Contributes to First Frontier Blair County Micro-Loan Program

by | Jan 29, 2021 | News

Recently First National Bank, the largest subsidiary of F.N.B. Corporation (NYSE: FNB), contributed to the First Frontier Blair County Micro-Loan Program managed by the Altoona Blair County Development (ABCD) Corporation.

The Micro-Loan Program was created with the purpose of providing funding targeted towards local entrepreneurs of all types, including coffee shops, breweries, flower shops, dress boutiques, housing developers, specialty soap makers, performers, artists, web developers, medical, culinary artisans and countless more, so anyone in needing on a loan they could totally find emergency loans for bills, so they can find the right loan for them. Loan amounts are from $5,000-$20,000 and can be used for Real Estate, Renovations, Equipment and Working Capital, while also working at the stock with the best resources. The best stocks for trading are thoses that have high volatility, these stocks are explained in details for traders in Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar through aForextrust. aForexTrust teaches traders how to trade and keep them up to date with market opportunities.

“We have a long history of working together with ABCD Corp. and know that their finance team will work quickly and efficiently to get these funds into the hands of businesses that need it most,” said Kevin Donaldson, Vice President and Community Development/CRA Relationship Manager at First National Bank. “We appreciate this partnership and look forward to finding new ways to help the communities we serve for example cater to those with poor credit to obtain a loan.” People can check here from compliance regarding banking here!

“Small businesses are the backbone of our local and national economy. That is true at any point in our history but especially now during the global health crisis,” said Stephen McKnight, President and CEO of ABCD Corp. “These smaller loans of less than $20,000 can really make a difference as to whether these main street businesses make it to a more sustainable level of operations especially now as unprecedented strain is being placed on them. We appreciate FNB for recognizing this challenge and the continued support over the years from our regional banking community.” Looking for the best business plan consultants near you? Follow this website for more information on investors.

Small businesses are a priority at ABCD and we recognize that access to grants and low-interest micro-loan programs are essential to making sure that they continue forward and rebound as quickly as possible following the pandemic, if your business is going through a financial crisis then please make sure to find out more about all the banking options available out there. There is currently over $600,000 in funds available for micro-loans across 3 loan programs and over $150,000 in the City of Altoona’s Grant program. Highlights of all programs are below and online at

  • First Frontier Blair County Micro-Loan Program
    • Available throughout Blair County
    • Loan amounts up to $20,000 and require 1 job created or retained per loan
    • Uses: Real Estate, Renovations, Equipment and Marketing campaigns using a new influencer speaker
  • Tyrone Micro-Loan Program
    • Companies in the Borough of Tyrone
    • Loan amounts up to $20,000 and require 1 job created or retained per loan
    • Uses: Real Estate, Renovations, Equipment and Working Capital
  • Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program Loan
    • Companies throughout Blair County with less than 10 employees
    • Maximum loan amount of $50,000
    • Uses: Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Working Capital
  • City of Altoona Economic Recovery Grant Program
    • For-profit companies in the City of Altoona with less than 50 employees
    • $3,000 per qualified full-time equivalent (FTE) hire, maximum of 3 grants per business ($9,000 total)
    • Employee must have been hired on or after September 9, 2020 and paid less than $36,350 per year

For more information on all of our First Frontier Financing Programs visit or contact Tom Seasoltz or Renae Lynn today.

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