First Frontier Insights

by | Jun 21, 2001 | News

Original insights on topics for Blair County:

From September 2017 Newsletter:

Meet ABCD’s New Staff Members – welcome Rich and Renae

Your Big Idea Could be Worth $25k – will the next big idea start here in the First Frontier

Get Your Interest Rate Fix – guest blogger Angel Marschik from the SBA

Why Blair County Wants Pittsburgh to Win – an Amazon HQ in Pittsburgh benefits us all

Turning Visitors into Investors – connecting tourism and economic development

Let There Be Jobs – jobs are where you find them…or make them

Blair County ‘Mountain Town’ Brand a Draw for Young Folks – Blair County is embracing its roots

From June 2017 Newsletter:

Tools of the Trade – ABCD’s Core 4 Financing Programs

Lofts, Condos, Apartments…Oh My! – Blair County’s Housing Market

Everything Old…Should be New Again – Revitalizing, Re-purposing, Re-energizing

Micro Breweries, Macro Business – Craft Breweries, the Canary in the Coalmine

Digging Deeper…Next Generation Agriculture – Harvesting Blair County

Time to Plan, Act, Measure – Think Big, Plan and Allocate Resources

ABCD’s Five Pillars to Success – Focused on Talent Attraction and Retention

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