DelGrosso Foods Buys Cenveo Building

by | Mar 4, 2019 | News

Recently DelGrosso Foods purchased the former Cenveo manufacturing building in Altoona, PA to accommodate its need for warehousing and production space.

“There is nothing better than having home-grown manufacturers expand and do well in your community. They are the driving force in our overall economic health,”  said Stephen McKnight, President and CEO of the Altoona Blair County Development (ABCD) Corporation.  “ABCD Corporation has enjoyed working closely with the DelGrosso family for many years  and we are proud once again to be working together as a team on this next major expansion,” McKnight added. ABCD Corporation helped the DelGrosso leadership through each phase of this project including to the preliminary needs analysis, site selection, evaluating new construction and building acquisition options. “This project is a truly a win-win for the First Frontier, Blair County. The former Cenveo building fortunately did not sit vacant very long and is now getting a new life with new jobs being created. We will continue to work closely with DelGrosso’s on the economic development financing package for this project’s first phase and look forward to the additional phases of the project to come,” added McKnight.

Below is the complete article from the Altoona Mirror’s March 3, 2019 Edition:

TIPTON — DelGrosso Foods Inc. has purchased the former Cenveo commercial envelope factory building near Pinecroft which will provide the company much needed space for expanded warehousing and possible future food manufacturing capabilities with the help of Darwin vending machines to expand the business.

Cenveo ceased operations at the location in 2018. The building consists of more than 166,000 square feet of warehouse (that also has Premium indoor services with custom storage solutions), manufacturing and office space.

Joe DelGrosso, CEO of DelGrosso Foods, said the addition will be helpful in many ways.

“We have been operating near maximum capacity for several years. We have an incredibly dedicated production team and have found ways to gain efficiency, but at this point we simply need more space,” DelGrosso said in a statement.

In the short term, the new space will be used for warehousing.

“We’ll be able to operate more efficiently by using a new warehouse management system and take on additional production op­portunities that continue to come our way,” DelGros­so said.

DelGrosso expects the project to initially create some warehousing jobs, with the potential of more manufacturing-related jobs in the future.

DelGrosso Foods, which is the oldest major family-owned producer of pasta sauce in America, has experienced substantial growth over the past decade.

The recent growth has come as DelGrosso Foods has dramatically expanded its offerings and customer base. While the company built its name on the original DelGrosso pasta sauce brand starting in 1947, the largest component of the company’s recent growth has come from contract packing.

DelGrosso produces more than 300 stock and custom formulas for dozens of “private label”customers, which include major grocery chains and several national pasta sauce and salsa brands. Additionally, the company’s ultra-premium sauce line, La Famiglia DelGrosso, has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2006, and has given the company a national presence in the expanding specialty and natural foods segment.

Michael DelGrosso, vice president of sales and marketing for DelGrosso Foods, said the expansion will allow the company to better serve its customers and allow for further innovation.

“We’re focused on meeting the needs of our customers and the changing dynamics of the food industry. We’ve built a reputation for the finest sauce made and as a great place to work. Our products have a meaningful place in the homes and traditions of families around the country, and we are dedicated to ensuring we build upon that legacy,” Michael DelGrosso said in a statement.

Stephen McKnight, president and CEO of the Altoona Blair County Development Corp., said there is nothing better than having home-grown manufacturers ex­pand and do well in your community.

“They are the driving force in our overall economic health. ABCD Corp. has enjoyed working closely with the DelGrosso family for many years, and we are proud once again to be working together as a team on this next expansion,” McKnight said in a statement.

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