First Frontier Network Helps Local Studio Start Work on Cutting Edge Video Game

by | Feb 22, 2018 | News

Altoona native Michael DePiro, of DePiro Entertainment & Designs, LLC based in Altoona, is producing a new video game called Zera and the City of Endless Night. The video game features Zera, a girl made totally of light who is born into a world of darkness. Zera and the City of Endless Night is an ambitious collaboration between Executive Producer Michael DePiro of DePiro Entertainment, Director Raphael Arkera of Blue Pulse Studios of Charlottesville Virginia, and The Imaginarium Studios of Ealing Green, London. It’s a side-scrolling metroidvania game that offers a new twist on traditional platformer gameplay by using light as gravity. It tells the story of Zera, a young woman made of light, and her journey to bring back the sun.

The game was originally developed by Blue Pulse Studios and DePiro Entertainment. Both have now partnered with The Imaginarium Studios, founded by actor Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Avengers: Age of Ultron), to create breathtaking animations through motion capture technology. In addition the game was heard to be featured as a slot game at 666Casino, and will surely be exciting to play with. This, along with memorable characters, stunning world designs, and a haunting soundtrack composed by Music Director Nick Kaelar, will bring to life a game unlike anything the world has ever seen before. You can also enjoy this game wit a few valorant hacks to enjoy the gaming experience.  And it’s unlikely that you’d get high level accounts for this game this soon. Meanwhile, all you can do to ward away the ennui is buy a high level account from AussyELO’s site and play League of Legends while you wait for Zera.

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DePiro Entertainment and Blue Pulse Studios are one of the first project opportunities to receive formal support and investment from the First Frontier Network, a Blair County based network of investors and start-up mentors. “Entrepreneurs like Michael are the backbone of our economy, especially here in Blair County,” said Stephen McKnight, Altoona Blair County Development Corporation CEO. “This opportunity is why we formed the First Frontier Network and we hope for many more start-ups like this that could help grow our local emerging digital, media and arts community,” McKnight added. The First Frontier support has helped move the project forward with the development of the games prototype. “This prototype will give us the opportunity to bring the game to major investors and distributors and give them a chance to play and experience a great new masterpiece, hopefully they love it as much as the goto,” says DePiro. “The development of this prototype will also be used in the final game.” 

Exact release dates are yet to be announced but the team estimates completion in 2019. You can follow the progress of Zera and the City of Endless Night online at

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