Chairman’s Memo: Importance of Investing for Growth

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This week we here at M&T Bank made our final contribution towards our commitment of the last Capital Campaign initiated by the Board of Directors at ABCD Corp. This event made me reflect on the importance of investing in our economic development future here in Blair County, as well as all of the positive efforts that have been made possible through these campaigns.

I’m reminded of a quote from Marty Marasco in the last marketing piece for the Capital Campaign kicked off in 2006 that said, “Years ago I had a very wise person say to me, ‘Marty, if you’re not growing you’re staying the same; in fact, you’re falling behind.’ I couldn’t agree more.” This philosophy speaks to the importance ABCD Corp’s efforts and the reason why our business community’s contributions are vital to a growing, vibrant Blair County.

As an organization ABCD Corp. is extremely grateful to the 50 businesses and organizations that pledged their continued support of ABCD Corp.’s economic and community development efforts during the last Capital Campaign, only the second completed by the organization. Our original goals for the campaign were to raise $2 million in committed pledges to foster a multi-year action plan that addressed the most pressing needs of Blair County to maintain a modern capacity for sustained economic growth. With the economic downturn of the country during the most recent years we understandably did not reach our original goal, however, even during these times our supporters pledged $1,074,500!

These funds have been vital towards efforts to leverage Building PA funds, re-capitalize our USDA Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) and create a Renaissance Loan fund for Downtown Altoona. In addition funds have been leveraged towards the redevelopment of the former Hollidaysburg Car Shops, three vacant building transformations in Downtown Altoona now home to Penn State Altoona and efforts towards our eight business parks. Without these funds and support from the Commonwealth, we as an
organization and county could not effectively compete in the attraction and retention of businesses and jobs here in Blair County.

These highlights are just a few in a long list of accomplishments for this organization that are all rooted in our business community’s support both in our time and our financial commitments. As we look forward and begin planning for the growth that we are looking for our community, we need to continue to show our support for the vision and mission of ABCD Corp. There will be challenges that arise as they always do, and the staff and board of directors will continue to do all that is possible to make sure that Blair County continues to be a model community led by an award winning organization that is at the forefront for business development.

I am proud to serve as ABCD’s Chairman and follow in the footsteps of great business and community leaders that have held this position in the past. All of us know the importance of our county’s public-private partnerships and the power that a community bound together in a vested interest can have. As we begin to explore our third capital campaign I am hopeful that our region’s business leaders will once again consider contributing and keep Blair County as a premier location for businesses and family.

Thank you – Steve

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