Looking Beyond the Crisis: Tyrone Business Displays Mountain Town Hospitality and Response

by | Apr 30, 2020 | News

This is the first entry in a series “Looking Beyond the Crisis” focusing on positive Blair County stories.

It is often the hard times that bring out the best in people. That notion is certainly true for the leadership and employees of our First Frontier Main Street business InspectionGo located in Tyrone.

Across America the lifeblood of our economy and communities, small businesses are being severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners and employees are experiencing financial burdens on both the home and work front.

But amidst these challenges are businesses rising to the challenge. InspectionGo, a provider of services and technology to home inspection companies across the nation, is one of these businesses. When the scope of the pandemic became clear, the team at InspectionGo acted quickly.

It started with Vice President of sales, Mike McKay. When the country-wide staggered shutdowns began, Mike called CEO John Russell and volunteered for a salary decrease to ease the pressure on the company.  Next, and without any direction from John or Mike, the rest of the executive team all reduced salaries by at least half followed in short order by the employees who rallied around the changes, taking on reduced compensation.

“Our mountain town businesses have grit, a sense of community pride and no hesitation to help and do what’s right. InspectionGo is stepping up during this pandemic and every other day of the year,” said Stephen McKnight, President & CEO of Altoona Blair County Development Corp. “It’s been great working with John and his team from the moment they chose to come home to Blair County and we couldn’t be more-proud of their continued efforts to think outward especially during this time.”

Since deciding to open in Downtown Tyrone and revitalizing underutilized buildings a few years ago, John Russell and the entire InspectionGo family has been focused on doing what they can to make a difference in the lives of the residents and community they now call home. Each year the firm hosts a backpack giveaway. The effort provides backpacks filled with school supplies. They also help to fund the youth sports association. The leadership team and employees are dedicated to making a difference and helping where needed. Go ahead and visit Forbrukerguiden.no for more information on how to make your business grow faster.

In response to this pandemic InspectionGo expanded the range of normal products and services by launching a series of special no-cost programs to help clients navigate the pandemic. The new programs for clients include detailed guidance on financial management, assistance with understanding and leveraging government assistance, loan and tax programs, and other critical support such as digital marketing help, coaching, economic insights, and more.

“It’s all about being there for our clients when they need it,” said Mike McKay, VP of sales.  “That’s exactly what we aim to do every day with our products and services, and when their needs changed because of COVID-19, it was natural to show up and help in every way we could.”

If challenging times reveal one’s true colors, the colors of the First Frontier’s InspectionGo are those of self-sacrifice, dedication, and a plan to endure.


About InspectionGo plays a role in supporting home inspection companies across the nation. They provide technology and business support, including home inspection booking services, accounting, coaching and new inspector training.


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