ABCD Corporation Joins State Leaders on National Manufacturing Initiative

by | Aug 16, 2019 | News

Pennsylvania is among ten states selected as part of a unique program designed to grow and strengthen their manufacturing base. Over the course of the next year, interdisciplinary state teams will meet in Washington, D.C., and separately in their home states, to develop and refine strategies impacting manufacturing industries.

Based on their specific needs and goals, participating states will develop working teams with representatives from the private sector, governor’s offices, state workforce and economic development departments. The participating states include Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Wisconsin. With support from the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) based at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), two national organizations — SSTI and the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) – are coordinating the Policy Academy.

“The Policy Academy process empowers states to make proactive decisions that can improve the competitiveness of their manufacturing industries,” said Dan Berglund, president and CEO of SSTI, which is helping to coordinate the academy. “Although each state is dealing with their own challenges and circumstances, there are a lot of opportunities for states and their team members to learn from each other.”

Governor Tom Wolf’s administration championed the competitive application process. “Pennsylvania has a deep history and rich legacy in manufacturing, which has long been the foundation for the commonwealth’s economy,” said Governor Wolf. “To continue job growth and strengthen our economy in Pennsylvania, my administration has placed a strategic focus on supporting Pennsylvania manufacturing.”

Through the SSTI Policy Academy participation, Pennsylvania expects to develop a Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap to identify goals and objectives the state will use to strengthen our manufacturing environment. Doing so will further establish Pennsylvania as a leader in manufacturing and its evolution into the 21st Century, relying on deliverable outcomes from the sector, its economic development partners, and its research institutions. By developing and implementing a Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap Pennsylvania will:

  1. Provide goals and objectives to guide the administration’s policy decision-making related to the manufacturing sector for the next three years.
  2. Ensure a roadmap speaks to the future of manufacturing and will assist future administrations with policy decisions, ensuring sustainability and continuity to our manufacturers.
  3. Provide our local and regional partners with an understanding of where the state is and where it hopes to be to assist them with their plans for manufacturing support.

The Altoona Blair County Development (ABCD) Corporation will be participating in this important initiative as part of a team of policy makers from state agencies and economic development organizations. “It’s great news that Pennsylvania was selected and ABCD Corporation is ready to help,” said Stephen McKnight, ABCD President and CEO. “We have a proud history of creation, innovation and production in our local region and throughout the Commonwealth. We all want to ensure the next generation maker is ready to carry that tradition forward.”

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